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Picky is a community of people who quit writing reviews and now quickly records and shares their opinions on products and places with video. Picky is the fastest way to review almost anything.

What is Picky?

A Picky is a 60-second video where people record themselves giving their opinion and shows proof that they are in possession of the product or at the place being reviewed. If a Picky does not show evidence of the subject matter, then the community flags it for removal. Picky provides the most reliable consumer information possible so the source must come from a verified consumer. Generally, people casually record themselves as they provide helpful information and take the approach of simply talking to their own friends or family.

Who is Picky?

We are a startup in Austin, TX who created a brand new way to review any product or place in the world. Most importantly, we solved the massive problem in the text review industry which impacts millions of consumers and companies like Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and Google. The internet is littered with millions of fake reviews and 70% of consumers read reviews before making a purchasing decision. Therefore, billions of dollars are spent on consumer goods after reading completely fake or misleading reviews.

We solved this problem and made it incredibly fun. Now you can stay updated on opinions from those you know or other people you value and respect. Meanwhile, you will never have to ask yourself if you can trust any of our reviews. All users have to prove they were in possession of the product or at the place or it is flagged and removed by our community.

Easy to use

The app was designed to allow everyone to easily navigate the app. The entire app was designed around three simple screens and content discovery couldn't be easier. All videos are ranked so you always watch the best and most helpful review first.


Build your network

Imagine receiving the opinions of your favorite people and having a record of everything they love, are unsure of or don't like.

Notifications on hand

Tap the notification bell on any profile to instantly be notified when they have shared their opinion.

Watch and enjoy

Scroll and tap... it is that simple. Our reviews are loaded with rich content and when you tap the review you want to watch, it automatically plays the video for ease of use.

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