About Us

The path to launching Picky was fun and exciting. We started in the review business in 2011 with a website to supply verified reviews in the real estate industry. We quickly learned that the world deserves to have honest video reviews that can be shared and to easily find the best reviews with a simple search, but advanced ranking system. We put together a talented team of individuals to develop Picky in 2013. We are so happy to have launched, but our features list is far from being finished. We look forward to serving consumers around the world for years to come.


We are located in Austin, Texas! Everyone on the Picky Team moved to Austin to do something special in technology. We are very happy to be in this great city.


We are looking to expand our current team . If you like what we are doing at Picky, then please contact us.


Picky's Three Main Goals

Give people honest and the best video reviews on all products, services, and places.

Allow people to find the highest rated reviews first and fast.

Allow people to share their reviews in a fun and easy way.

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